Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bob Wickman and Joe Borowski Spotted at Same Location

(Note: I wrote this back in June after the Indians-Braves series, but never posted it. So, enjoy, I guess.)

Contrary to popular belief, it has recently been confirmed that Bob Wickman and Joe Borowski are not the same person. This weekend in Cleveland, the Atlanta Braves visited the Cleveland Indians (the first time since the 1995 World Series). The old, tireless joke-- “I’ve never seen them in the same room together”-- goes hand in hand when talking about love-to-make-it-interesting closers Wickman and Borowski. This popular conspiracy was put to rest at Jacobs’ Field during a beautiful June weekend.

When Wickman was traded to the Braves from the Indians midseason, panic struck Cleveland as to who would be the next closer. After Borowski was acquired in the offseason and kept giving Tribe fans something to think about during the ninth inning of close games, everyone assumed it was just Bob Wickman with an alias. With their similar WHIP of over 1.50 this season (walks plus hits per innings pitched), size, and lack of intimidation factor, it is easy to see why the casual baseball fan was confused. However, when Wickman closed out the Tribe on Friday night, putting two guys on base in the process (we think he gets off to this sort of thing), reality set in. If Borowski gets traded, we can always go for Todd Jones.


Buzzsaw said...

It's almost as if ESPN is forcing the Braves, Indians, and Tigers to start these guys for added drama ... man, ESPN is gay

Guy said...

If that's the case, Wick or Borowski should be closing for the Red Sox.

Buzzsaw said...

ESPN decided on 'The Wild Thing' as the Red Sox closer. The idea tested well in the Major League movies, and has really translated well to Boston.

Daris said...

Buzz, Im beginning to think you have Kruk on speed dial with that comment. He's going to destroy the evil empire.

He's the deepthroat of ESPN!!!

Buzzsaw said...

I'm pretty sure Berman is the deepthroat of ESPN, check his wikipedia ... no gag reflex.