Friday, July 20, 2007

News and Notes

  • Sergio has already finished his second round today. He shot an even 71 to remain at -6 which is still good for the lead. No choke yet. Daly is +8.
  • Rangers' reliever Akinori Otsuka landed on the 15-day DL with inflammation in his right elbow and forearm. This conceivable greatly limits what's going to be available in an already thin market. There was speculation that either Otsuka or Gagne would be available, but now its hard to see the Rangers moving either of them, depending on how serious the injury is.
  • I watched some of the MLS All-Star game vs Celtic FC last night (switching between that and Red Sox-White Sox), and I was surprised at the level of play. All-Star games are not something that generally translates well to soccer because the way the game is played makes it hard for 11 players who have little experience playing together to be successful. With that being said, the MLS All-Stars played very well against the Scottish giant, winning 2-0. From what I saw they controlled the tempo of the game and it could have easily had two more goals if not for some outstanding saves from the Celtic keeper.
  • Speaking of the Red Sox, they're in trouble if you ask me. Their offense just is not getting timely hits and for the most part they haven't been all year. They had 11 hits last night and yet they only scored two runs. For most of the first half their starting pitching made up for this fault when it looked like they had basically three number one starters and Wakefield and Tavarez were pitching out of their asses. Now Schilling is hurt and Wakefield and Tavarez have come back to earth. Instead of three No. 1's we have 3 No. 5's. This could get ugly.
  • Breaking story: NBA officials may not have been horrible because they're old and senile, they might have been getting paid large sums of money for it.
That's all for now. Later I'll have something about the best rivalry in sports (hint: its not Red Sox-Yankees).


Matt Jenks said...

Sports officials on the take? NEVER!!!

Coach K suddenly felt that tie get a little tighter...

Buzzsaw said...

Some ridiculously shady stuff happens in the NBA, I'm not surprised at all. On the same topic, the MAC football conference is known for consistently shaving point, underdogs are always a great bet in that league. And the Pistons never ever cover at home, the record is pretty ridiculous.

Daris said...

worried about the Sox? Come on Log, you are a stat man. Play out the season randomly 1 million times and they make the playoffs 95% of the time. I'd take it! I love that prospectus repot btw.