Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Convict Vick

Now I’m not some sort of PETA nut job by any means, but I do like dogs. Well, except for my own dog who has a proclivity for taking massive dumps on white carpet. Anyway, I think you would be hard pressed to find someone who was not disgusted by the information from the indictment of Mike Vick and his, umm, associates. The Feds say they have evidence that shows Vick and co-defendants used a variety of techniques to kill dogs that didn’t perform well in test fights, including drowning, beating and, most shocking, spraying them with a hose and then electrocuting them. Athletes and famous people can do a lot of stupid things that make them look bad, but I’ve never seen anything like this before. If this turns out to be true Mike Vick is a pretty sick fuck.

The way it was first reported, Vick was involved only because it happened on his property, and he was unaware of what was going on. Not so, say the Feds. The indictment claims that Vick was prominently involved in the whole operation and that there are already four witnesses ready to testify against him.

The NFL and Roger Goodell are going to be a tough spot here. They didn’t take much heat for suspending Pac Man, Tank and Chris DUI Henry before the legal process played out because everyone was already convinced that they were bad guys. Now they have a much larger, more public case with a more popular player. If they don’t do anything they will look like hypocrites and if they do, well, it could be pretty controversial, not to mention crippling for the Falcons organization.

Everyone is already talking about how it’s not the same as previous cases because Vick is not a repeat offender. I think that’s pretty absurd considering the incidents Vick has found himself involved in. He was fined by the NFL for flipping the bird to his hometown fans, and of course everyone knows about the water bottle incident which he was given the benefit of doubt on despite a marijuana related suspension in college. And how could we forget Ron Mexico?

Let’s be clear. Getting in a fight a night club, drunk driving, even failing a drug test are stupid, indefensible and punishable acts. But they can all be classified as mistakes. Read the indictment on the Smoking Gun. What Vick did was not a mistake. It shows a coldness and cruelness that simply cannot be defended by even the biggest Mike Vick supporters. Not only should Vick be suspended by the NFL, he deserves to spend a significant amount of time in a Federal Prison. Hey, maybe then he might even come to realize the gravity of fumbling when he drops the soap in the community shower.

The Smoking Gun for the picture


Guy said...

Vick fumbles the most on Madden. It's such a beat. Ass hole deserves it though.

Daris said...

tiki barber wouldn't fair too well in the community shower either I guess.

Its all relative though. Tiki might think he'd do quite well.

note: Im trying to say tiki likes dudes. All of my jokes are failing recently. so if you didn't get that one I apologize, but this should clear up the confusion.

Daris said...

on a serious note, log brings up a very interesting point.

How can Goodell not sit Vick for the entire season? PacMan is sitting based on charges, and I'd have to say these charges are pretty fuckin ridiculous. I hope he does the right thing and doesn't fold just because Vick is a big time star.

Well done, logan.

Guy said...

I third that regarding suspending him.

Not to bring up Madden again (okay, to bring up Madden again)-- hopefully his ass gets axed from the game too. I hate when ass holes like Haus are the Falcons, run around for 20 seconds, and STILL throw an errant pass that I pick off. Seriously, just get it over with in the regular 3 seconds with a pocket passer.

Daris said...

haha i too hate when a gamer picks a team with a, well, black quarterback. I had the same problem with NCAA Football 06'(Never got into 07' for one reason or another). A couple jackasses would be running around for 20 seconds with vince young as my boy elvis dumervil, DE for louisville, was trying to chase him down.

Couple Points:
1. the creators of NCAA football must have thought dumervil was the fastest d-end in the history of college football cause he caught young from time to time.

2. my opponents drives would almost always end with interceptions as well (usually of the pick 6 variety)

BigLots said...

Vince Young has nothing on Dennis Hughes. Denny created a 6'4 black guy with 99 speed named Dennis Hughes, put him on UAB and made him a quarterback. All he would do is run around in the pocket and then just take off. Most annoying thing ever.

Buzzsaw said...

Hahaha, it was clearly illegal Mike, you loved the challenge though. Vick pretty much ruined Madden on XBox live for me. About 3/5 times the douche I was playing picked the Falcons ... did you know it's impossible to stop a Vick QB sneak on a 2-pt conversion?? HILARIOUS!!!
This will teach the Falcons to trade their stud backup before making sure their starter doesn't have a dog fighting problem.

Matt Jenks said...

"Hey, maybe then he might even come to realize the gravity of fumbling when he drops the soap in the community shower."