Monday, July 16, 2007

I Have Problems

Last night I had a dream that I was standing in the batter’s box against Greg Maddux. In my dream Maddux proceeded to throw the first three pitches behind my back, at which point I took a few steps forward, pointed my bat towards the mound and said some choice words. After I was restrained, I stepped back into the box and the fourth pitch (I think it was a slider (does Maddux even throw a slider?)) tailed in and hit me on the foot, and I ran to first base. What is the meaning of this dream, and more importantly why am I telling you this? I have no answer to either. Anyway, here’s some real sports news from the weekend that we haven’t covered yet.

Once again Gary Sheffield opened his mouth, and once again it spewed ignorance. This time Sheffield was claiming that he was treated differently in New York by Joe Torre because he is black. Although I don’t find it hard to believe that Torre plays favorites, I definitely don’t believe he chooses his favorites based on the color of their skin. From everything I’ve read and seen Torre is a stand up guy. From everything I’ve read and seen, Gary Sheffield is an idiot. I really don’t think should even be a story.

Speaking of Torre, I was really amused by the headline for this article on (already taken off the front page) which said “2007 Toughest on Torre”. Well no shit? That’s some great investigative reporting by the self proclaimed worldwide leader in sports.

Daris mentioned the possibility of the Red Sox attempting to sign A-Rod, should he become available. First off, it is a distinct possibility given that the Red Sox ownership has proven that they will spend the money on anything Theo deems necessary. As much as I hate A-Rod, if Theo did decide to sign Rodriguez I would have to support the decision. With that being said I just don’t think it will happen. Much has been made of the front office’s disdain for Manny Ramirez’s obscene contract and the lack of financial flexibility it affords them. I really don’t see them replacing one bad contract with another. I think buying (relatively) low on Andruw Jones would be a more likely option.

The Cubs have been on a tear as of late, winning 15 of their last 19 games. With their weak division I could definitely see them winning the division and making a run in the playoffs with their strong rotation. Kerry Wood struck out the side on 14 pitches in his minor league rehab assignment. It would be great to get some contribution out of Wood given that the Cubs are at the point where they expect basically nothing.

Vinny Testaverde is set to sign another one year contract with the Patriots. Just to put in perspective how absurd this is, Testaverde was playing in the Orange Bowl in 1986 which was apparently before they invented color.

I wanted to say one thing about the whole Beckham media circus. Since day one almost every media outlet has reported that Beckham will receive $250 million for coming to LA and playing for the Galaxy. Only occasionally does it even get mentioned that this $250 million includes the estimated amount Beckham will receive from endorsements. Beckham’s actual salary, paid by the Galaxy, is $32.5 million over five years. Have you ever heard an athlete’s endorsement deals added to their salary when it is reported? ESPN (the first to report the story) is deliberately misleading the public in an attempt to make it sound more ridiculous and generate interest in the story for the wrong reason. Just another reason to hate ESPN.


Buzzsaw said...

First, there is no way in hell A-Rod will go to the Red Sox unless he hates the Yankees, New York is already paying him nearly 30mil, and are going to pay him more, what is Boston gonna do? Offer him 40mil a season?? I seriously think if they did that, the Yankees would match it.
Also, it's really annoying that Clemens is the only sports figure getting grief for signing these huge one year contracts, what's Testeverde getting? Just under 25mil next year? It's gotta be, that's gonna be like 5 million per pass attempt, but you can't put a price tag on veteran leadership.

Logan said...

First off the Yankees arent paying A-Rod $30 mil a year. Its more like $16 (part of his salary is still being paid by the Rangers). I'm pretty sure that Boras will make sure ARod opts out because he knows he can make more money. What happens after that is anyone's guess, but I'm sure A-Rod's feelings about New York will not give the Yankees any advantage (he hasnt exactly been treated great there). My guess is that he will resign with New York but only after Boston feigns interest in order to ensure that NY pays somewhere around $32 million per year.

Daris said...

I wrote a long post, but I accidently lost it. So I am pissed and here is the shortened version.

I do think A-Rod is beginning to hate the Yanks and for some reason I believe the yankees when they say they won't get in a bidding war for him. I just don't think they see his value as he hasn't won them rings.

From the Sox perspective, I wouldn't see this as a bad contract if they land A-Rod at around 30 million a year. This isn't just about performance, its about the revenue A-Rod can generate for the Red Sox as a business. Moreover, A-Rod still has 4 or 5 huge years in front of him (barring injury or the fact that he sometimes is a head case.)

He is one of only 2 or 3 players who deserves this type of money moving forward. Love him or hate him, he is one of the best baseball players of all time.

Lastly, Gary Sheffield is an idiot. I think he's just bitter because he juiced as much as Bonds, McGwire, and Sosa but never was able to achieve the same recognition. He's such a damn good player, but I can't even look at him without wanting to puke. Gary, do us all a favor, zip your mouth shut, and throw away the key. You, my friend, are a jackass.

Guy said...

Good call on the Beckham contract thing. I didn't know that until you pointed it out to me this weekend. Pretty much a big joke.

BigLots said...

I bet ARod signs with the Angels. They have an owner who is willing to spend a ton of money and they need a third baseman. It's a perfect fit. Plus I'm pretty sure ARod is getting sick of all the idiots who boo him when he has an off day. LA is much more relaxed and seems to fit ARod's personality much better.

Buzzsaw said...

Yea, I forgot the Rangers were paying all that, but the point remains the same ... A-Rod definetly cares about his image, and leaving the Yankees for the Red Sox will absolutely kill him in that department. If he doesn't want to stay with the Yankees he's gonna go to San Francisco, not the Los Angeles/Anaheim/United States Angels ... the Giants are clearly willing to spend some money (see Barry Zito), and Bonds' contract is up after this year; they need a new cornerstone.

BigLots said...

Buzzsaw, I'm pretty sure ARod doesn't want to go to a team that sucks ass.

Buzzsaw said...

Yea, you're right, there's no doubt winning is what's most important to him (see Texas Rangers) ... the Giants are absolutely loaded with young pitching, they're gonna be really good in a couple years.

BigLots said...

He signed with the Rangers when he was young and the Rangers were the only team to offer such a ridiculous contract. The Giants have one, maybe two good young stars while just about every single one of their position players are over the hill. They're going to be in rebuilding mode for awhile. The Angels are completely loaded in both pitching and hitting. The only thing theyre lacking is a quality third basemen. Plus their owner is willing to spend any amount of money possible to win. I definitely think they are the frontrunner at this point.

Buzzsaw said...

Will he really want to play in a division with two of his former teams?? I doubt it, and he'll also get crucified a few times a year in NY ... San Fran's hitting is fixable, especially when adding A-Rod, they're pitching is gonna be awesome for years with Zito, Lincecum, and Cain at the top of the rotation.