Wednesday, July 18, 2007

ESPN: From a Business Perspective (Boring Material!!!)

Very Poor Man's Podcast

Here is my attempt at a somewhat pro-ESPN rant. Once my business side surfaces, I start to fully understand why ESPN operates the way they do. I don't agree with a lot of their ridiculousness, but it makes sense financially. its always very easy to criticize people or things who have sold out until one finds himself in the same position.Would any of us turn down ESPN, who we mock and spit on, if they asked to buy this blog for $3 million dollars? A ridiculous hypothetical example I know, but my point is this; money has a strange way of making people do things they thought they would never even consider.

I think ESPN finds itself in a very similiar situation. Everything they do is to further expand their own empire, and one would be a fool to suggest they haven't been succssful in those attempts. Why market to a group of people ( everyone who is reading this blog) who have to go to them for sports even if they don't want to? We aren't going anywhere because they allow us the access and coverage we need.

The dog poop that is "Who's Now" starts to make more sense when you realize their target market isn't dedicated sports fans, but rather "fringe fans" and kids who like entertainment and celebrity gossip more than baseball highlights. It sucks I know, but it makes complete sense. Make fun of ESPN for selling out, but know their probably making fun of you as well. Its almost like making fun of the boss behind his back. Doing it makes you feel better, but ultimately he still has all of the power, control, and money.

I can only imagine the heat I'm going to take for this one.


Stuart Scott


Guy said...

I'm almost afraid to comment-- Log'sBlog might get blacklisted from blogger's network for this one.

I never really thought about ESPN going after the fringe market like that, and the more I think about it- it's true. It's just all business-- look at their NASCAR deal. Sure, it's a damn joke to anyone who has been a loyal ESPN fan for years, but NASCAR, whether you like it or not, is a gold mine.

Buzzsaw said...

ESPN is a fucking sports monopoly ... even if another network started to offer programing people actually wanted, they wouldn't be able to get any worthwhile contracts because ESPN will always pay more. And they'll always have more money because they've completely sold out.
I've never thought they play shit all day to be assholes, I realize it's all about money and getting the majority of America watching (ie complete dumbasses). Doesn't make it right.
I can't wait for Will Leitch's book about ESPN's demise.