Tuesday, August 21, 2007

$100 Million Dollars (Dr. Evil Voice)

Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, has donated $100 Million Dollars to the University of Oregon which will most likely be used to fund a new sporting arena. He supposedly held his pinky up to the side of his mouth, and laughed like Dr. Evil as he made his announcment to 100 Oregon donors at Nike's "campus" in Beaverton. Knight graduated from Oregon.

Pat Kilkenny, the school's AD said this:

"Not to be sacrilegious, but it was almost spiritual"
Pat, you failed. Jesus doesn't like you anymore, and neither does UO biology professor Nathan Tublitz, who said this:

"The priorities of the university are totally out of whack when so much money can go to an ancillary activity of the university when the rest of the university goes begging."
Phil Knight has to find that comment funny. Come on, not- a- one Biology major in Oregon wears Nikes. "They aren't "down with the Nike sickness." (I have no idea what that means, or who's quote it was.)

Personally, I think everyone might be a little out of line. Phil's company hasn't always been a becon of business ethics/moraility. Little people sewing soccer balls in Indonesia, Pakistan, and South Korea all shook their head in unison at Knight's donation and comments from the University. But they even admitted that "they do make some pretty sweet shoes."

Alright, enough of this blabber, I gotta go running, and I can't find my Shox.

The Oregonian