Monday, August 20, 2007

Donkey Lips Would Be Pissed Off

There’s nothing like throwback-style Nickelodeon talk. I bet you haven’t heard the name “Donkey Lips” in years. If Salute Your Shorts were still around, he would be having some problems:

Nickelodeon, the children’s television network, said Wednesday that it would prohibit the use of its characters on junk food products, except on special occasions like Halloween. The characters include SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer and the Rugrats.

Those characters will be allowed to appear only on packaged food products that meet “better for you” criteria established by Nickelodeon’s marketing clients. The changes will become effective in 2009, when the current two-year licensing agreements expire.

“Better for you” food criteria? I’m pretty sure Lori Beth Denberg has woken up in a cold sweat because of a celery, spinach, and broccoli nightmare. The next thing you know, Nickelodeon is going to start monitoring these kids’ diets and exercise patterns. With less junk food commercials, at least the amount of “what should I do with my 140-lb. four year-old” Montels might slowly decline in numbers.

Since characters such as Donkey Lips, Lori Beth, and Keenan have since grown out of their Nickelodeon roles, I feel the worst for Patrick from SpongeBob. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the writers kill him off of the show before ’09.

[New York Times]


Buzzsaw said...

My mom didn't like us watching Salute Your Shorts because of the theme song. She didn't like the "make you want to FART" part, so we always had to mute it. I've seen them all though, it's like what I do for porn now.

Liston said...

Dear Log's Blog,

Can somebody please explain to me why I did a search for "anal bongs" and ended up reading a story about Donkey Lips. Nice work.



Logan said...

Dear Liston,

Only if you can explain why you were searching anal bongs.


Buzzsaw said...

Dear Liston,

Can you please explain why you did a search for "anal bongs?"


Log's Blog

PS: Two of us did mock NBA drafts, whoever missed the most had to do an anal bong. Obviously

Buzzsaw said...

Damn it logan

Logan said...

I mean it was the obvious response.

Buzzsaw said...

Hahaha, I know

Daris said...

the word "touché" never seemed so right. Log, I expect you'll learn what that means at your next French Class.

Liston likes anal bongs, liston likes, anal bongs, nahhh,nahhh,nah nahh na na (little kids voice)

sammich said...

clearly you guys have never seen an anal bong

Anonymous said...

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