Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BIG EAST SUCKS: Possible Mispellings Included

Oh, wait I think I spelled misspelling wrong. Please don't report me for crimes against humanity.

I don't know when/why the ACC was brought into the debate. I've never mentioned it. I think the conference is garbage.

People keep asking; how can you say a conference is weakn when it has two teams in theTtop 10 and 4 total in the Top 25? And why are 2 of the top 8 Heisman candidates from the Big East if the conference sucks so bad? The answer is simple. It’s pretty easy to string together wins or ridiculous individual stats when competition sucks. This increases recognition and potential to win awards/move up in rankings, but it doesn’t mean a person/team/conference is as good as another. The top competition in college football exists down south, out west, and in patches of the midwest. Bottom line. It’s about defense, and talented offensive players are going to be brought up in Heisman talk when they can exploit weak defense. WV beats teams in the Big East because they can score. If they meet any defense with a ton of speed, they can be contained. (Not stopped, don’t freak out WV fans) The Big East doesn't have big, fast, quick D's that can make up for mistakes.

On the other hand, WV ranked 109 in pass defense in '06. Their entire secondary is returning in '07.They were ranked #13 in rush D last year, but they lost their top two lb's, and a couple d-lineman. Their defense is garbage. Against weaker teams they are alright. They can score the ball at will, and don't have to worry about teams with a lot of offensive fire punch. But if they play any good team from the SEC, PAC 10, or Michigan, they would have a TON of trouble. Their oppenents' offensive unit would control the line of scrimmage, and be able to throw at will. This would keep the WVU offense off the field, and prevent them from turning it into a shootout. I mean Louisville did this to them last year, and controlled the game. Can you imagine what Louisville would have done if they had a dominating defense to match their offensive prowess? Well teams in the SEC, PAC 10, pockets of Big 10 have this talent on BOTH sides of the ball.

My question still remains, could Louisville/WV really go undefeated or lose just one game if they played in the Big 10, SEC, or PAC 10?

I just think the answer is no. Too many teams from top to bottom that can win on any given day in the aforementioned conferences.

College football is all about speed. You learned that very fast if you’ve been watching the Irish the last couple years. WV and Louisville are like the past two ND teams; flashy O that’s very talented, but not enough speed on the D side of the ball. If the Big East "powers" played against the speed seen in the SEC, Pac 10, or parts of the Big 10, they are 10-2 teams at BEST. I'd suspect they are closer to (9-3) or (8-4).

Moreover, ND proved that they aren’t even ‘close’ with their performance in the BCS the last two years. Are you suggesting that either of the ND teams from the previous two years wouldn’t be favored to win the Big East Conference this year if they were participating? They would be, and they would most likely finish with a record of (11-1) (10-2), and then go on to get routed in the BCS by a team from the Pac 10, Big 10, or SEC. I see a similar fate for Louisville/WV if they make it to a BSC game because of their weak schedules.

The Big East is definitely a league moving in the right direction, but to suggest the conference is top 2 is just ridiculous. I really don't understand how people can come on here and comment without trying to hide their ridiculous bias. One’s not any less of a man for saying “I love my team/conference, and am going to defend it, but in all actuality I might be wrong.”

I'd feel like a douche if I was arguing for Michigan this year as one of the top 5 teams just because they're "my team". I hope the AP/other media is right, but I think they are definitely overrated. Why? Because they have no defense. Some of these clowns seem to argue for their team/conference, and inject so much emotion into the argument that it’s almost unbearable. I know, you guys want to give Slaton (no Y) a bunch of head, and that’s fine, but that doesn’t mean the Big East is one of the best conferences in the league. Brady Quinn got undeserved Heisman attention last year, but I was ok with it because I like ND. You didn’t see me running around saying he deserved it though, because I don’t like looking like a fool. When your team/conference is overrated, shut your mouth and enjoy it. The more people start talking, the more ridiculous your position will start to look.

I hope the spelling is alright on this one, I wouldn’t want minuscule detail to detract from my point.


Buzzsaw said...

How can you claim that WVU's offensive speed can be neutralized by bigger schools, but also argue that the biggest difference is "speed," as is ND's problem? Speed is not the problem, other school's are bigger and stronger up front. That's their problem. Of course they can't go undefeated or have one loss in the SEC (and Big Ten, top 2 IMO), but why not the ACC, Big 12, or Pac-10. The Big 12 is also very top heavy, ACC is top heavy but their top teams aren't as good as Louisville or WVU. It's definetly possible in the Pac-10. You'd be switching these teams, Louisville or WVU with the top teams in the other conferences, remember that.
They won all their bowls last year. Wake Forest was the ACC's BCS representative last year, that's how good they are.

Buzzsaw said...

I also appreciate that this is the third post in response to comments I've made .. and I also want you to propose a bet on this. You're creative, think of something.

Daris said...

'If they meet any defense with a ton of speed, they can be contained. (Not stopped, don’t freak out WV fans) The Big East doesn't have big, fast, quick D's that can make up for mistakes.'-me

Once again I am confused. I contend that big, fast, quick ds can stop WVU's offensive attack. Big+ fast+ quick= insanely athletic=Pac 10, Big 10, SEC

Lastly, why does everyone short sell the Pac 10. You are once again suggesting that WVU would have just as good a shot of beating Oregon, Arizona, ASU, Washington, Oregon St. as they do when they face off against Syracuse, UCONN, and Cincy. You can't be serious.

I can't really think of any bet we could make. I mean the only way it happens is if WVU or Louis makes it to the national title game. If thats the case, I'll take whatever team they face, give up the points, and place 500$ on that team.

NDs'problem was not only lack of size up front, but the fact that they had a high school secondary. The speedy receivers (USC.MICH,LSU) burned the Irish last year.

Daris said...

buzz, your comment almost seems like it was prepared pre-post. you are very talented, and your mother's mouse traps and "start fucking blogging" threats are working wonders. hahaha

Daris said...

lastly, I think speed is so important in the big east, and the power conferencse because size is a given. Almost every team is already pretty big up front.

Buzzsaw said...

I'm just saying you can't use the speed thing against the Big East, WVU's offense is hand's down the fastest unit, offensive or defensive, in America. Also, when you address the Big East/Pac-10 thing, you disregard the fact that the second best Big East team, Louisville or WVU is WAYY better than the second best Pac-10 team, UCLA or Cal. I think Oregon and Oregon St are gonna be good, but thats it of those teams you listed. But I do think that Oregon and Oregon St. are very comparable to Rutgers and South Florida, in fact I think Rutgers/South Florida are better. Beyond that it's all garbage on both side, with the Pac-10 having the edge, but none of them are beating WVU or Louisville, ever.
.. Haha, that wasn't prepared, I was done commenting in that other thread anyway. I'll think of something we can do.

Buzzsaw said...

We can just bet on where they rank in the BCS or something, the average maybe? I don't know. Time for bed

Monty said...

How can you knock the Big East's BCS performance? The conference was undefeated in bowl play last year, and is 5-2 in the last 7 BCS years. On top of that, Syracuse, the worst team in the Big East last year, beat Illinois, the worst in the Big Ten.

And I think you're drastically over-rating the Pac-10.

Daris said...

1. "But there's no way any team from this league wins the national title. Here's why: defense.

Let me run some numbers by you. In this decade, no BCS champion has finished worse than eighth in the nation in scoring defense. That was Texas in 2002, when the Longhorns gave up all of 16.4 ppg.

In the remaining six seasons, BCS champions have finished first in scoring defense (Miami and LSU), second (Ohio State), third (USC) and sixth (Florida). The Gators gave up 13.5 ppg last season, including a measly seven (not counting Ted Ginn's kick return) in the national title game.

Those fun Big East teams? Not seeing it.

Rutgers finished eighth in the nation in scoring defense last season, but the Scarlet Knights played three teams with an offensive pulse (USF, Louisville, West Virginia) and gave up an average of 28.6 ppg.

In those three games, Rutgers gave up 86 points. In 10 others, it gave up 100.

Look, I love what the Big East has accomplished in such a short time. I love that Rich Rodriguez snubbed his nose at Alabama and all that dough; that the league has some of the top young coaches in the game (Rodriguez, Greg Schiano, Steve Kragthorpe, Jim Leavitt, Randy Edsell); that commish Mike Tranghese gets to chuckle when he sees the Big 12 and ACC treading water with bigger budgets and television deals.

But forget about a national champion. Much like last year, the league's four elite will knock off each other in the regular season, and a one-loss Big East team isn't as BCS pretty as a one-loss SEC, Big Ten or Pac-10 team." quote taken from some SI writer. his opinion doesn’t matter, but the stats he lays out do.

2. I said its about defense, and well, it looks like I'm right. WV and Louisville are very entertaining offensively. They don't have the defensive firepower to compete with the top teams.

Do you find it odd that these big east teams can't perform better defensively in a conference that only has 3/4 teams that can put up any offense? If Louis/WV can't break the top 25 defensively in the Big East just imagine how they would fair in a better conference.

3. Your BCS talk is a little misleading.
5 of those wins went to teams not in the big east anymore! haha, I don’t get the point you are making.

Louisville's win last year was against a Wake team from the shitty ACC. Once again, I've never made mention of the ACC, so I'm confused again.

The WV win over Georgia 2yrs ago was impressive, but Georgia obviously wasn’t ready for the game. They gave up 28 points before the 3 minute mark of the second quarter. WV barely held on in the end, against a Georgia offense that was anything but special.

Here is the list of teams the Big East beat last year:
Wake Forest
East Carolina
Kansas State
Georgia Tech
Western Michigan

When shitty teams play shitty teams, one wins and one loses. How this suggests that the Big East conference can compete with the SEC, PAC 10, Big 10 is beyond me? Thi list doesn't include one team from the three conferences I keep mentioning. Once again, I say, what does this really prove in the current debate?

4. I keep saying the PAC-10 is negatively perceived by the bias east coast, so I’d expect you to say I’m too high on the Pac-10. Honestly, did you watch more than 10 PAC-10 games last year(excluding USC)? Look at their strength of schedule. As a whole, their conference participants have a harder schedule then the SEC teams. The PAC-10 is the 2nd best conference in the country. My side is backed my statistics, yours by the idea that “you just don’t think the Pac-10 is good.” I haven’t heard any other argument.

I guess my question again is do you really think WV or Louisville could go undefeated or lose one game in the PAC 10,SEC, or Big 10?

If yes, then it’s a simple disagreement.

Daris said...

oh and buzz, how/why are louisville rutgers WAYY better than CAL or UCLA? I mean say what you want,but back it by fact.

I'll take Cal's 10-3 season over WV's 10-2 season all day. They lost to USC, who almost played for a national title, and a tough TENN on the road.

They beat Oregon#11 and ASU#18, and handled the rest of the PAC 10 the way they were supposed to. That loss to TENN was the only reason we didn't hear about them until late in the season (and the fact they play on the west coast)

Their only real disappointing loss was to Arizona, but that was the week before the USC game (trap game that everyone, including me, won a lot of money on by takin AZ)

Monty said...

A Big East team going undefeated (or -1) in the SEC? Not likely. But them doing it in the Pac or Big 10? It's possible.

Playing Michigan's schedule, it's conceivable that Louisville would enter the last two weeks of the season undefeated (Penn St. and Oregon would be tough, but they're home games). A split @ Wisconsin and home vs. Ohio State would give them the one loss season, but the late loss would put them out of the BCS.

Playing USC's schedule, West Virginia's toughest games would be @ Oregon, Nebraska and Cal. Undefeated? Probably not, but two (maybe even one) losses is believable. Defense won't even factor into it, it hardly ever does on the West Coast.

Of course, these are not guaranteed results, but you get the idea.

Does this mean I think that a Big East team will win the BCS title? No. (I'm hastily leaning Michigan at this point.) But I'd still take their top two over the top two of almost every other conference.

Daris said...

respectable position. I'm just happy to see your UofM prediction. I hope you are right.

Thank you for the comments. I guess we will never really know. I just appreciate the fact that my position was understood. Many times an intense blog debate (oxymoron??) is pointless because one side isn't understanding the other sides' position. Fortunately, that wasn't the case in this instance. Take care and keep writing on your blog. I've enjoyed what I've seen.

Buzzsaw said...

Sorry, was gone all day, don't really want to get into this argument; generally I don't like the tone ... first, I didn't appreciate the "did you watch the games" type question, it'd be very unlikely that anyone on this board watched more games then me last year, I had nothing to do since I transferred/had nothing to do, plus I had two TVs going. Anyway, I'd also say I may have exaggerated by saying WVU and Louisville are wayyy better, but they are definetly better ... both ranked higher than either UCLA or Cal, Cal lost it's best player, UCLA just isn't national championship caliber. I'd say the burden of proof is on you to disprove that Cal/UCLA are better considering WVU/Louisville have been consistently ranked higher and have been winning BCS bowls recently. Lastly, you took ACC when you said that the Big East was a piece of shit, you'd have to admit that calling them a piece of shit would mean the ACC is better. You definetly can't say they are that bad with VT and FSU alone. But I'm done, last word is yours .. I'll see you this weekend, can't believe you quit the blog ... you're a quitter.

Daris said...

buzz, the question wasn't directed at you. I was responding to the other poster. Easy, easy, no need to get so defensive.

I'm done with the argument via blog. We shall convene again this weekend to continue it. haha, i just sounded like an emperor. I really enjoy the word convene. Shit, it might be spelled wrong though. :-(

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