Monday, August 20, 2007

Dad Wasn't Lying about His Basketball Days

Growing up, my dad always told me he was pretty good at basketball. Time and time again, he'd remind me that I got my decent skills from him. He said he played a long, long time ago, somewhere in Hawaii. I didn't believe him. He didn't seem like the athletic type, but I guess ABC News dug up some video of him playing. I couldn't believe my eyes, but he's a lefty just like me, so I guess I have to believe him.

Who Am I talking about?: Here's a Hint

Here is Dad playing basketball. He actually was kind of a baller, but he could have dunked that breakaway. I would have.

I'd like to thank Jay Morris, who sent me a random text not too long ago that said "You look like Obama." Thanks to Fanhouse as well for the story. You've finally proven my pops true after all these years.

Don't believe I look like OBama, well here's the best I could do. I see it.

He's always traveling, never has time for me, and really hasn't taken any interest in my personal life. Bastard.



Buzzsaw said...

I'm just very impressed by your photo shop prowess.

Daris said...

buzz, ive always been artistic. I'm glad I'm finally getting proper recognition, so thank you ever so kindly.

Guy said...

wow you really do look like Obama.

Maybe a mix between him and Sasha Pavlovic? You can probably dribble better than Sasha though.

Daris said...

i most definitely dribble better than good old sasha. i just image searched him, and i guess it works even though he's no cruise or pitt.

kamagra said...

I really wish to watch that video..Obama is such great personality..