Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Dawg Pound in Midseason Form

Cleveland Browns fans are a rowdy bunch, their reputation was solidified in 2001 when they bombarded the refs of their game against the Jaguars with beer bottles. Well, the tradition of losing has not been the only holdover from the 2001 squad, Browns fans also remain rowdy as hell.

So far this preseason, in two games, a total of 160 people have been ejected and 15 have been arrested.

The crowd at Cleveland Browns Stadium for the game against the Lions was better behaved than the one that witnessed the game against the Chiefs. The number of ejections and arrests went down to 74 and seven, respectively - compared to 86 and eight the week before.
Maybe I'm blowing this out of proportion, but that seems like a hell of a lot. That's like my entire high school class getting ejected. I think we can safely attribute a majority of the ejections to women fighting over who Brady Quinn was looking at in the crowd, "He was TOTALLY looking at me!" Browns fans, please explain.

The News-Herald (via PFT)
Picture via Deadspin


sammich said...

cleveland fans are fat, drunk, and depressed. that is all

Daris said...

i was ejected earlier this afternoon from my apartment pool party, unfortunately, no beer bottles were thrown.

Katie Lin said...
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