Friday, August 24, 2007

Vick's Own Father Throws Him To the Wolves...err, Dogs

Predictably, Mike Vick doesn't have many friends these days. His dogfighting pals are turning on him, the Falcons have come to terms with him as an ex-teammate, and now even his own father is against him. In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution his father, Michael Boddie, said, "I wish people would stop sugarcoating it. This is Mike's thing. And he knows it. He likes it, and he has the capital to have a set up like that." Sheesh.

He goes on to say that he warned Vick that he shouldn't have his name on the title for the house and that Vick also used to fight dogs at the family's house.

But let's have a closer look at this Boddie guy, the apparent voice of reason. He hasn't worked in four years and as been in and out of both drug and alcohol rehab and is living in an apartment paid for by Vick. Two years ago he was denied by Vick when he asked for $1 million spread out over 12 years so he could live in comfort. Now Boddie feels disrespected by Vick, saying, "[He was] talking to me like I'm one of his . . . dogs."

My favorite part: "A picture of Vick's two young children is framed on a wall near the kitchen. Hung on a wall beside the kitchen sink is a long list entitled 'Quick Drink Recipes.'" Oh yeah, and he plans to write a book about all of this. Expect to see that on the NY Times Bestseller List sometime next year.

Atlanta Journal Constitution
(via ESPN)


The Chicago Sports Kibitzer said...

There are many activities which are perfectly legal in the United States that are harmful, cruel and even deadly to animals. From horse racing to medical research to cosmetic testing to hunting and fishing, animals are routinely injured or killed in the pursuit of sport, entertainment, gambling, pleasure, medicine, and beauty with no repercussion from the law.

Minks are slaughtered to make fur coats for wealthy women. Queen Elizabeth attended the Kentucky Derby despite the fact that horses are whipped in the hope that they will run faster and are commonly "put down" after being injured while racing. The vice-president of the United States was driven around in an armoured limousine so he could take pop-shots at defenseless birds (and elderly men). Why then, is the United States government ruining one man's life because he engaged in dog fighting? Is dog fighting less cruel than shooting defenseless birds in the pursuit of "sport?"

Fact of the matter is that, either cruelty to all animals should be illegal or there should be no laws against it at all. There should never be a two-teared justice system, where some acts are legal only because they are done by members of higher social status, while acts of the same logical consistency are illegal because they are thought to be committed by people of lower social status, in this case, minorities and rural southerners.

Constant Comment said...

stupid, stupid, stupid. Fact of the matter is each situation is vastly different, and saying "either cruelty to all animals should be illegal or there should be no laws against it at all" is a position that sounds decent, but doesn't take into accound how different situations are/can be.

Remember,rural southerners don't get arrested for fishing/hunting, and I've seen a lot of minorities at race tracks here in Louisville who are betting on horses. They haven't been arrested either.

If this was Peyton Manning, he'd be facing the same punishment.