Friday, August 24, 2007

Meter Cops Sweep Through West Hollywood

Contributed by Sockless
I was on my way to work earlier today and heard a very alarming story. It turns out Vida Guerra and a couple of friends had just finished up dining at a West Hollywood restaurant when a couple of parking lot enforcers (ys, Meter Maids) spotted them, and quickly developed a masterplan so that they could see a nice rack or two.
After the male Meter Maids wiped the drool from their mouths, they attempted to carry out their plan. They asked Vida and her friends to pose for them naked, and said that they would wipe the 50$ ticket off the record in exchange. Now, technically, that could almost be considered soliciting a prostitute because we all know a chick who's willing to get nude for $50 in a public parking lot is a definitely a pretty big slut, and most males know that fornication is only moments away when "the fun" has been exposed. Yes, I refer to a girls rack, and, well, nether region as "the fun".

Like they couldn’t come up with anything better than that? Whatever happened to; "I’m gonna have to write you a ticket for being too damn Sexy?"

At least Vida, the ghetto skank, would have cracked a smile. Just the simple fact that they tried to bribe Vida for $50 dollar ticket is insane. They see a super hot chick in West Hollywood with her Range Rover probably parked in the middle of the street, and they still try to score a free peep show from her. They couldn’t put two and two together, and realize she might be important? I love the school boy ambition here.

Evidently this isn’t the first time these villains have preyed on the more fortunate. Numerous reports show that the team hit Hayden Panettiere a couple days before and reportedly were heard bragging about it. Niccceeee.

Contributed by Sockless. Now, I must admit I had no idea who Vida was until I found that FHM picture of her. I probably would have tried to get her to show me her boobies as well.( In the words of Three 6 Mafia, "she got a big ole butt", and she can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh any day.) However, all I would have needed is my wit and charm. I still don't know who Hayden is, but I will in a minute. Thanks Sockless.

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Guy said...

Any word on what happened to these cops?