Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fausto is NOT Invited to Grady and Travis’s Tree House

Poor Fausto. First his career as closer ends abruptly last season, and now this bull shit happens to him. In his eight starts since the All-Star Break, he has an ERA of 1.80 (wow), but his record is 4-4. That should be a pretty easy 6-2 or 7-1 at the least. The Indians might be using plastic bats just to screw around with Fausto’s mind. Maybe they just don’t like him and figure they can coax manager Eric Wedge into believing that he should be demoted to Triple-A. That’s the only legitimate way these final scores with him on the mound make sense:

5-3 W vs. KC
3-2 W at Tex
1-0 W vs. Bos
3-1 L vs. Tex
1-0 L at Min
6-1 L vs. NYY
5-2 W vs. Det
2-1 L @ Det

That’s a total of 17 runs scored in the eight Carmona starts. And this is coming from a pretty formidable offense in Sizemore, Victor Martinez, Hafner, Ryan Garko, and Kenny Lofton. Hell, even Casey Blake and Franklin Gutierrez aren’t that bad.

A couple of those wins were probably goof-ups by the Indians, too. I’m sure Franklin Gutierrez was scolded properly for hitting the eventual game-winning home run in the 3rd inning of the 1-0 victory over the Red Sox. The veterans don’t take too kindly to things like that.

In fact, Trot Nixon was rumored to have given Fausto a wet willy after striking out with the bases loaded and Josh Barfield depantsed him in the clubhouse after the 1-0 loss to Minnesota.

At least for him, his contract is up after this year.


Daris said...

hahaha good stuff. cleveland seems to have a lot of bullies on their team.

Sucks to be the guy everyone is picking on.

Hermano said...

It would be a lot funnier if this was in Major League. But it's not, it's happening to him in real life.

However, also don't forget Jake Westbrook (ND last night giving up zero runs), and Sabathia (similar numbers) getting the same results while being dominant.

I think the competition is actually within the team, who can score less runs, the offense, or pitching.

MP said...

Yeah, the Indians hitting is so horribly inconsistent, I can't imagine this team going far in the postseason, even if they win the Central.

And they gave Eric Wedge an extension why?

All right, maybe I'm being too harsh on Wedge. But at least fire the hitting coach. Seriously, this is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't this been happening to Matsuzaka a lot lately, too?

Someone would have to check (I am too lazy), but I seems like Matsuzaka has lost at least 4-5 games that were 2-1, 3-1, etc....

Anonymous said...

***And I mean in Dice-K's last 8-9 starts..

Shorty said...

I have both Carmona & Dice-K on my fantasy i've been struggling all year with the fact that these guys get no run support...drives me insane...

Anonymous said...

"Hell, even Casey Blake and Franklin Gutierrez aren’t that bad."

You must not watch much Indians baseball, otherwise you might retract that statement about Casey Blake.

Guy said...

Casey Blake plays any position asked. He is very versatile and a great guy for the Indians' clubhouse. And most everyone in Cleveland loves him (don't argue that).

Sure he has been having a bad offensive year, but so has everyone else on the team.