Thursday, August 16, 2007

Everyone Loves Mark Teixeira

Fan videos are awesome, they're especially awesome when they're about your favorite team and you agree with every line. Two Braves fans recently wrote a beautiful song about Mark Teixeira, and I agree with everything they say. I especially agree with their hypothetical situation that, "If I were a woman I'd probably marry ya, but that's not gay cause it's Mark Teixeira." Totally true, but without further ado, two random guys singing about a man they'd like to marry.

It's interesting how they put the song together, it's like if Juvenile was singing country music. "Mark Teixeir-uh, I fear y-uh, hitting home runs everyday-uh, ya play-uh... take tha curtain call-uh, ya ball-uh." Well, maybe it's nothing like that.

Kige is looking pretty stupid right about now:

Hat Tip to Rowland's Office