Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Fight to Help Boxing a Little Bit

Yesterday, Felix Trinidad and Roy Jones Jr. signed on to fight each other in what they consider to be a super-fight. Trinidad hasn't been in the ring since 2005 when he was manhandled by Winky Wright. Jones fought last month beating then undefeated, and overrated, Anthony Hanshaw. Don King will be promoting what he calls "the People's Championship."

Roy Jones Jr. at the age of 38 is getting a bit long in the tooth, but he is still one of the biggest draws in boxing today. He was one of the most dominating boxers in history throughout the 1990's, up until 2004. In 2003, he became the first fighter in 106 years to hold the heavyweight title after having held the middleweight title previously. To do that he beat John Ruiz by unanimous decision, Ruiz weighed 226lbs to Jones' 193. After this fight he and Tiger Woods became best friends. In 2004, however, Jones' legend lost some luster as he lost in a rematch to Antonio Tarver, the guy who lost to Rocky Balboa. He then lost the rubber match in that series in 2005, and has been trying to rebuild his reputation ever since.

Felix Trinidad, age 34, hasn't been in the ring since 2005 and does not plan on participating in a warm-up fight before the January bout with Roy Jones Jr, strike one. Trinidad has only won two fights in the last six years. In his fight with Wright in 2005 he lost a decision 120-107, pretty bad. His best fight was back in 1999 when he beat Oscar De la Hoya by a decision. Oh, he may also be a cheater, back in 2001 he was caught by Bernard Hopkins for illegally taping his hands. Apparently, the way he was folding the tape gave it the same effect as brass knuckles. There is a belief that this style of taping is what allowed him to be so dominant in his previous fights, strike two. He doesn't speak English, strike three.

Trinidad's out. I just don't see him being able to compete with Roy Jones Jr. even with the age difference. This fight will be fought at 170lbs which is ten pounds heavier than Trinidad has ever fought and only five pounds less than Roy Jones Jr's weight in last months fight versus Hanshaw. But we'll save the official predictions for January.

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Daris said...

buzz, i am the only other person that likes boxing now that log is gone, so we need to stick together.

excellent write-up here. I do appreciate the attempt to get ppl excited about this marginal fight. Unfortunately, for the reasons you mentioned, and many others, i think this fight is going to be very shitty. This Senior League (35+ yr old fighters) shit is getting ridiculous. Wright vs. Hopkins, yawn.

Sadly, promoters are in a tough position because all of these guys were big a decade ago when PPV was huge because of Iron Mike. Now, they are the recognized names and draw the most money. unfortunately, their fights arent entertaining.

I just hope some of the upcoming talent will be able to get in front of a larger audience. How that is done is a topic for another column i guess.

I know you love the welterweight division (as do I), and I'm sure you are also starting to get hooked on the super bantam's (assuming you watched the vasquez vs. marquez fight on showtime a couple weeks ago, and Ponce De Leon this past weekend) i'm loving a couple of divsions!

alright i really dont know where im going with this. i just never talk boxing and it really hurts.