Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just Waking Up

Well, Kobe Bryant, and his good ole buddy, Tim Donaghy, are still both douche-nozzles. I was reading a little write up on team USA right when I woke up. A reporter asked a kid standing outside team USA's practice if he'd gotten Kobe's autograph. The little kid responded saying:

"No, he wouldn't even sign his own shoes."
The child was pointing at the shoes on his own feet that happened to be Kobe's Nikes. What an asshole, ya know.

Oh, and I wanted to quickly mention that Tim Donaghy is supposedly planning on naming at least 20 NBA officials who were somehow invovled with gambling during NBA seasons.What exactly he is going to say is up in the air, but its troubling to fans like myself as NBA refs aren't allowed to bet on anything outside horse races in the offseason. David Stearn's assesment (and mine) that this wasn't a league wide problem might be almost entirely inaccurate. I just hope its not true. Maybe the NBA should just start over, put new refs through an extensive training program this off season, and get this shit handled before it truly gets out of control. Stearn's under garment preferences aren't going to be the only thing called into question if he doesn't handle this situation. Definitely more, maybe a lot more, on this later when I get the full details.

Later skaters

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Buzzsaw said...

I don't think it's gonna be anything like what he did, I think it's just calling guys out for going to casinos etc. Not a big deal in my opinion if that's all it is. If there were more he'd probably know about it, and would obviously give it up.