Sunday, August 12, 2007

Live Update: Tiger Tweaks Something

Tiger hit a ridiculous putt on #7 to take a four shot lead over Ernie Els today. The putt was a 25ft uphiller from the fringe. As the ball approached the cup, Tiger began moving to his left, getting ready for his standard Tiger fist pump. The putt dropped, Tiger pumped, and then, he tweaked his ankle or knee.

He tried to play it off like he was Joe Cool, but the limp was noticeable. I think the spikes got caught in the deep stuff around the green. Can you imagine if a fist pumped caused a torn ligament, and he couldn't pursue Jack's record for a year or two?

Quickly, Ernie just birdied to move to -5 under, Tiger bogeyed to move to -8 under, so the Big Easy is now only three off the lead. Ernie tore his ACL riding an intertube a few years back, so he must have some sympathy for Tiger. Tiger better be careful, between this and his "Swamp Ass", he might be in trouble.


Buzzsaw said...

Great job today Daris

Guy said...

That was one of the more uncoordinated things I've seen in awhile. And I just got done watching a Cleveland Browns preseason game.

Daris said...

hahah, oh come on. It happens to the best of us; or the least human of us if we're talking about Robot Woods. I know he's not real.

Daris said...

and buzz, thank you for the compliment by the way. I'd be blushing if I wasn't a mixer.

Sorry, no more racist jokes. I'm turning into that guy I made fun of on my first podcast. Or as I might refer to it from now on "Posh Cast".