Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poorman's Podcast is Back, Back Again


Enjoy the sweet sounds of myself and Sense is Common as we talk about sex predators, Pat Summit, a famed little league coach, and Fred McGriff's new income stream.

I hope you enjoy. If feedback is positive, this could be a weekly thing. My favorite part is definitely the intro music.

Out for the rest of the week (probably), other than a ridiculously long ND article.

I love you all.


Zerphus Q. Moneysack said...

Entertaining for a debut. Especially for a washed up Mexican shortstop and a bi-racial, anorexic, insomniac.

If I may pose another question with regrds to the discussion on David Stern.

Do you need underwear when you have hobbit genitalia?

I will keep listening if somehow you guys can keep mentioning at least one white american NBA in every show. I believe you brought up four in this one.

Buzzsaw said...

Is wearing thong underwear to a Miami Heat game "conforming"?? I was in Miami a few years back, in boxers, and I can tell you, swamp ass was a major problem. Thanks for enlightening me on that.

Also, the most famous, and saddest heart problem of all was Atlanta Hawk Jason Collier. I'll never forget playing with him in his memory on NBA Live 2005. "Collier from the grave!!!" That was one of the sadder days of my 2005.